Come Together For A Better Us

Posted on: October 06 2017

A Better Us Starts With A Selfie

One of the ways the Y makes "us" better is by being welcoming to all and being a place where people can come together who might not have met otherwise. At a time when our bonds are fraying, the Y is a place where people with different ideas, opinions and personalities can come together.  Now, more than ever, we must continue to bring people together, find common ground and bridge divides in service of a better us.  And here at the Y, we know that can start with something as simple as striking up a conversation with someone you've just met.  

This October, the Y encourages members, volunteers, staff and the community to meet someone new and discover what you have in common.  Then, take a selfie and post it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #SelfieWithSomeoneNew and tag the Claire Chapin Epps Family YMCA to show everyone the real power of "US"! 

For over 160 years the Y, a leading community-based organization, has adapted and changed as society changed, uniting "us" in over 10,000 communities across the nation.  With this, Y locations all over the nation are joining together to reach 10,000 selfies with someone new.  Together, we can inspire others - in our community and across the country - to come together for a better us.


It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. Find someone you met because of the Y or someone you've never spoken to before

2. Snap a selfie together

3. Post it on your social media profile and remember to use #SelfieWithSomeoneNew and tag the YMCA.


Visit the Claire Chapin Epps Family YMCA Facebook Page